Fette Sans


-- The Cabinet / A G I R L I C A
-- The bitter ends of (the technologies of tenderness)
-- When everything she was overthinking turned out to be true
-- Models of Adaptation
-- The night would lie during the day
-- Resonance of an awkward smile
-- (re-)discipline in [redacted]
-- If I can't sleep at night is it because I am awake in someone else's room?
-- TЕПЛИЧНOE РАСТЕНИЕ (hothouse plant)
-- I am afraid you could have been misled
-- Untitled [The Fabulist Hunting the Fringes]
-- La Reprise (Dérive)

-- Precarious Gossips

-- Editions

-- Info


(re-)discipline in [redacted]

Installation, series of online/offline videos and performances. Unique. Dimensions variable.

wood, mirror silver vinyl film sheet, plastic sheet, aluminium, impact sound insulation, latex, stainless steel, cables,
found objects,
eatable liquids and solids, pills, surgical steel, glass
videos and sounds,
12 latex cherry pit pillows,
4 monitors,
2 laptops,
2 iPhones,
2 cameras,
2 cell phone holders,
2 cross lasers,
1 modified ophthalmologist treatment chair,
1 speaker,
1 infrared lamp, 1 fluorescent tube and 1 damp-proof luminaire.


Written and directed by Fette Sans

Producer: Frank Hauschildt
Composer: Andreas Reihse
Uniform: BIEST
Live editor: Pfadfinderei

Group exhibtion NGORONGORO II, Gallery Weekend, Berlin. April 26 - 29, 2018.


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