Fette Sans


-- The Cabinet / A G I R L I C A
-- The bitter ends of (the technologies of tenderness)
-- When everything she was overthinking turned out to be true
-- Models of Adaptation
-- The night would lie during the day
-- Resonance of an awkward smile
-- (re-)discipline in [redacted]
-- If I can't sleep at night is it because I am awake in someone else's room?
-- TЕПЛИЧНOE РАСТЕНИЕ (hothouse plant)
-- I am afraid you could have been misled
-- Untitled [The Fabulist Hunting the Fringes]
-- La Reprise

-- Precarious Gossips

-- Editions

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The Cabinet

Installation. Unique. Dimensions variable.

Rigips, wood, fabric, hardware, latex, found objects, lights
glass vase and five Madonna lilies left to decay.


Supported by Akademie der Künste. With funding from The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and The Media. Part of The Neustart Kultur Programme

Solo exhibtion at Neun Kelche, Berlin. September 4 - October 24, 2021.


All installation views, photos by Dorothea Dittrich



HDV, 46 min 18 sec, full color, sound, Englsh subtitles

Written and directed by Fette Sans
Producers: Fette Sans & Frank Hauschildt
Editor: Fette Sans
Cam operators: Marie von Heyl, Fette Sans, Felix Deiters, Nika Djordjadze-Reihse
Composer: Andreas Reihse
Sound design: Fette Sans & Andreas Reihse
Set design: Fette Sans & Frank Hauschildt
Set construction: Oliver Kohlmann & Frank Hauschildt

Cast: Felix Deiters, Fette Sans, Jasmine Reimer, Tiago M. C. de Sousa, Marie von Heyl, Zhim-xun Ho, Carolin von den Benken, Frederik Luszeit, Melo Börner

Thank you: Kira Dell & Laura Seidel / 9K
Hilka Dirks, Michaël Dunyach, Madeleine Wall, Philipp Wüschner, Mike Maggiore, Barry Hoggard & James Wagner, Tom Christie, Bernd Meyns, Bruce LaBruce, Katharina Wendler, Maria Ines Plaza Lazo
Robert Wiene

Shot on Location in Weissensee, Berlin. Summer 2021

Screen captures from the film

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